Welcome to Stella Maris Parish, Northern Door County Wisconsin

Welcome! Our Weekend Masses: Sat. 11 am Washington Is. & 4 pm Baileys Harbor; Sun. 8 am Egg Harbor & 10 am Sister Bay. Ecumenical Christian Unity Service & Social, Sun. Feb. 14, 3 pm Sister Bay.Stations of the Cross, Fridays in Lent, noon, BH.
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Mass Schedule
January 30-May 6
4:00 pm Baileys Harbor
8:00 am Egg Harbor
10:00 am Sister Bay
(Jacksonport and Fish Creek are not open)
Daily Mass:
Tues & Thurs-8:00 am-Sister Bay
Wed-8:00 am-Egg Harbor
Friday-8:00 am-Baileys Harbor
Monday-Morning Prayer-8:00 am-Sister Bay
Washington Island-December 5-April 30
Mass Held at Trinity Lutheran on Saturdays at 11:00 am
Liturgy of the Word with Communion on Feb 27 & March 5
Ash Wednesday
February 10, 2015
8:00 am-Egg Harbor
12:00 noon-Sister Bay
4:15 pm-Baileys Harbor
7:00 pm-Baileys Harbor
Holy Week and Easter
7:00 pm-Fish Creek
3:00 pm-Fish Creek
11:00 am-Washington Island
Vigil-7:45 pm-Fish Creek
8:00 am-Egg Harbor
9:00 am-Baileys Harbor
10:00 am-Sister Bay
11:00 am-Egg Harbor
May 7-May 22
4:00 pm-Fish Creek
6:00 pm-Egg Harbor
8:00 am-Baileys Harbor
10:00 am-Sister Bay
12:00 am-Jacksonport
1:00 pm-Washington Island
Daily Mass
Tues & Thurs-8 am-Sister Bay
Wed.-8 am-Egg Harbor
Friday-8 am-Baileys Harbor
Monday-Morning Prayer-8 am-Fish Creek
May 28-September 4
4:00 pm Fish Creek
5:00 pm Sister Bay
6:00 pm Egg Harbor
7:00 am Egg Harbor
8:00 am Baileys Harbor
9:00 am Fish Creek
10:00 am Sister Bay
11:00 am Jacksonport
1:00 pm Washington Island (Held at Trinity Lutheran Church)
Daily Mass
Tues & Thurs-8 am-Sister Bay
Wed.-8 am-Egg Harbor
Friday-8 am-Baileys Harbor
Monday-Morning Prayer-8 am-Fish Creek Ministries Schedule
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Blessings to you,

Welcome to the Stella Maris Parish website serving the Catholic community of Northern Door County!  We are so happy that you have decided to check out our parish this way.  I hope you are able to find everything that you need here.  If you can not find something that you want, please email me or anyone else on the staff to ask us.  We are here for you to offer worship opportunities, faith formation, pastoral care, spiritual development and a caring community in Northern Door County within the Catholic tradition. Let us help you to deepen your experience of life and add more meaning and purpose as you search for what makes your life all that it can be with God.

 In Christ’s love, Fr. Dave Ruby, pastor

Mission Statement

“Stella Maris Catholic Parish prayerfully unites people in the love of Jesus guided by our patron, Mary."

Vision Statement

We invite all to journey as disciples. By sharing the Gospel, responding to Jesus' love and the gifts God has given us, we welcome all to grow in faith and in our parish life.

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To become a member write to churchoffice@dcwis.com

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Stella Maris Roman Catholic Parish
Baileys Harbor, Egg Harbor,Fish Creek,
Jacksonport, Sister Bay, and Washington Island
Door County, Wisconsin
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